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We offer a solution that you can start using right out of the box with systems that just work.

“Done for You” LinkedIn Lead Package

From Profile Makeover to completely setting up your LinkedIn messages inside and outside of LinkedIn we get you predictable results using LinkedIn as the platform. If your target market is on LinkedIn we will find them and engage with them to produce “Real Business”.

Imagine the connections and and conversations “auto-magically” pouring into your inbox while you focus on your zone of genius and leave the marketing to us!

We truly “Do it for You”. Sit back and get ready to start getting MORE from LinkedIn.

This cutting edge technical (with human oversight) program provides access to people and markets previously difficult to reach, thereby accelerating the growth for any organization looking to penetrate their goods and services.

We are a LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Partner which builds sales pipelines for your personal or company business development. You identify your target market and we will approach them on your behalf using LinkedIn. Further, our follow-up program is geared to what messages you want sent as well as the frequency to remind your prospects of you. It’s all set up automatically, though with oversight.

We do one thing exceptionally well: marketing our clients on LinkedIn to produce positive engagement with their target market. We build your business exponentially while laying the foundation for your long lasting relationships with our networking.


We find YOUR ideal leads, educate and engage them about your offering, and drive them to your [website, optimized LinkedIn profile, phone, and email using written-for-you customized messaging.] We “knock the doors” and you get the connections and conversations from the leads who are looking for you.

You may know that LinkedIn is the largest B2B Social Platform in the world. People are doing REAL BUSINESS on LinkedIn every day. If you are under-utilizing the power of LinkedIn you are missing out on that business. We help you to take advantage of vital networking connections by messaging and engaging 1000s of people on LinkedIn every month, allowing you to generate new business and keep your sales pipeline full of fresh prospects.



Any firm with a salesforce that is B2B related; and offers solutions to client challenges

Any professional or company in the following fields (to name a few):

Business Attorney,

Business Brokerage


Payroll companies

Marketing professionals

Commercial Insurance Brokerages


Chambers of Commerce’s (for certain member types)

Action Coach/Business Consultants

Advertising and PR Agencies

Commercial/Business Lawyers

HR Consultants

Employment/Staffing Agencies


Business/Office Supplies

Manufacturing/Manufacturers Reps


Digital Marketing & PR Agencies


A Few Common Problems that we solve:

  • Not really sure how to use LinkedIn effectively for your niche?
  • Not enough consistent qualified B2B leads for your business?
  • People like you are using LinkedIn to secure more business but are you are not sure how they are doing it?
  • Not sure how to consistently Prospect on LinkedIn for new business?



  • Training and Coaching for LinkedIn Users…
  • A LinkedIn “Prospecting Plan of Action” set in place that gets results.
  • Building targeted connections on and off of LinkedIn for you.
  • Offering “Done for You” services – Profile makeovers to a complete LinkedIn “Plan of Action”


The Call to Action:

The fact of the matter is that people are doing REAL business on LinkedIn. Connections are NOT just being made but relationships are being built and “Real Deals” are being closed for the benefit of both parties. If you want to take your business to the next level and fill your schedule with your target market…your specific niche, contact us.


Schedule a time for a Quick Call to see if this is a good fit for both of us. We look forward to it.


Contact us at 602-692-2650 or

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